With i&i, know your customer and your organization better!

i&i offers big data, supply chain and healthcare analytics solutions to help your organization turn into an intelligent enterprise.

The biggest hurdle to staying ahead of competition and improving profitability is the lack of clear visibility. Organizations worldwide continue on their own beaten path, because they can’t see where new avenues lay — they don’t know what needs fixing, and what needs building. Our analytics solutions can make you better than them!

i&i offers pattern-based analytics solutions (leap analyst), supply chain analytics solution and a healthcare analytics solution in RevenueIQ.

Big Data Analytics

Improving customer service experience and retention are needs of the hour. But achieving this requires a long and serious look at the current-state. Most organizations have this data with them, but not the ability to derive insights from them. Our pattern-based analytics tool, Leap Analyst, find patterns from your data and gives you the answers.
Supply Chain Analytics

With increased dependency on external vendors and suppliers to meet demand, manufacturers are relying on external and internal data to gauge vendor performance and risk assessment.
Our tools provide the insight your organization needs to mitigate risk and increase profits.

Healthcare Analytics

Increased rejections, reduced reimbursements and erratic cashflows makes healthcare claims unpredictable. Our healthcare intelligence solution RevenueIQ identifies key metrics such as denials, underpayments, contractual adjustments and patient outstanding, to help you stay in control of the money that is uncollected.