With i&i, ensure your projects are completed successfully, in time and within budget.

i&i offers project and portfolio management services helping organizations turn their strategic vision into projects and achievements with no loss on time or resources.

Standish group’s chaos report shows that up to 94% of projects have a restart, only 16% completed in budget and time. 189% is the average cost overrun, 222% schedule overrun. It is by now universally known and accepted that projects end up being nothing like what was originally planned. Much of this can be handled by efficient project management. We make it our company’s mission to be efficient project managers.

i&i’s project management solutions offer strategy, execution and on-going improvements for technology projects across various domains and tools.

Why Choose Us

Vision to work

We have experience working with organizations of all sizes translating business vision into technology projects that achieve that vision.
Get things done attitude

We work with increased speed, agility and collaboration to ensure projects get done as per plan.

Careful every step of the way

Based on meticulous planning, we ensure robust execution, clear visibility and proper governance throughout the project.
Measurable outcomes

As project managers, we thrive on our ability to measure and demonstrate the positive outcomes we generate for you.