Quality Assurance

With i&i, rest assured that your products perform to their potential.

i&i’s testing and quality assurance services ensure your products me the requirements and are policy compliant across technologies, off and on the cloud!

Organizations regularly build new products, update existing software and add features to out-of-the-box solutions to meet their business needs. For these needs to be met, it is imperative that the new product/upgrade is quality assured and policy compliant. Our testing and quality assurance services help you achieve that!

i&i offers quality assurance in the areas of performance, compliance, usability, automation, SOA and more.

Performance Testing

Our team tests your product performance holistically — from software and hardware configurations to eliciting non-functional requirements — to ensure your pre-set SLAs are always met, often exceeded.
Security and Compliance Assurance

We test for compliance issues and risks — vulnerability, regulatory requirements etc. — and help you mitigate the risks and prevent potential lawsuits.

Test Data Management

Extracting a data set from your production environment, anonymizing it and using it for testing ensures ‘production-like’ data for testing purposes. Our tools generate synthetic data based on your system, business process and technology stack, to give you a production-like test environment.
Functional and Automation

Our basic assurance services encompass functional, product, mobility and automation test services. Our technology stack includes market leading testing tools like Selenium, HP Unified Tester, Cloud Monkey and Robotium.

Consulting Services

Our consultants can help through the assurance process — from an independent assessment until the required maturity levels are attained. We also help set up your center of excellence to ensure continued efficiency.

Our SOA assurance services will test the individual products and its functionality as well as its overall integration into your technology landscape.


Our cloud testing services help test your applications for the cloud. Moreover, our services also overcome challenges of limited test budget, strict deadlines, large number of test cases, and no reuse of tests and geographical distribution of users.