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i&i offers an entire landscape of information management and data governance services and solutions that enables your organization leverage the power of data for competitive advantage!

In the information era, every organization collects large amounts of data — customer data, operations data, information along the supply chain, sales data, employee data. At every avenue, there is a crowd of data, that can be mined for competitive advantage. Add publicly available customer data — social profiles, for instance — and you can strike gold! But collecting, processing and getting insights from this data requires concentrated effort and energy. We bring that to you.

Information Architecture (DG)

Our architecture will bring together master data management (MDM), data governance, data quality, enterprise data warehousing and big data services to make meaning for your data.
Master Data Management (MDM)

Our MDM solutions bring together information from multiple sources to maintain a single record of truth for your entire organization.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

EDW services build a strong backbone for your business intelligence by bringing enterprise-wide information from disparate sources to a central repository — your data mart/data warehouse.
Data Quality and Migration

Our data quality and migration services ensure your disparate data from various sources are reliable and effective through the process of migration — they are cleansed, quality-checked and loaded into your new systems.

Big Data Services

Our services enable you to collect, store and make meaning from large volumes of complex data through advanced data analysis methods.
Data Integration

Our solutions ensure that data from your disparate systems are integrated meaningfully to enable to you make informed decisions.

Information Lifecycle Management

Our solutions skillfully manage the entire lifecycle of your organization’s information — from conception to disposal — through policies and procedures meeting your business and compliance needs.