Workload Management for Government Bodies with Stralto SLG

Effectively manage your complete workload and streamline your operations with Stralto SLG.

Stralto SLG for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solution accelerator designed especially for State and Local Government agencies. It is a simple, comprehensive single-platform solution for all your operational needs including the management of your workforce, budgets, grants and contracts, vendor interactions and communications with partners and the public.

Why choose Stralto SLG

Ready to start

Get started with Stralto SLG in a jiffy! It can be quickly customized for your workflows and readily integrated with other data systems. It also integrates dynamically with Excel to provide real-time data on demand.
Easy-to-use tech

Stralto SLG is a low/zero-code platform on which form creation is as simple as drag and drop. Navigating it on an everyday basis is seriously easy.

Simplified reporting

Stralto SLG has easy-to-read dashboards that give you a 360-degree view of the information in the system using graphs and lists.
Advanced insights

Stralto SLG has advanced Find & View features that give you detailed looks at the data based on criteria you set. It also has a powerful reporting wizard that lets you export reports for business use.

Stralto SLG Modules

Stralto works
  • Manage employee information and workflow for the entire employment lifecycle. This includes new needs, hiring authority, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, internal transfers, reinstatements, extended leave of absence, suspensions, and off-boarding.
  • Employee Transactions including Title and level changes, Salary adjustments, maturation, promotion, demotion and re-assignments.
  • Compliance Management including residency requirements, dual employment waivers, and conflict of interest filings.
  • Employee Customer Service includes entitlement programs, benefits, annual reviews, and EEO training and complaints.
  • Manage budgets for Grants, Capital and Operating expenses.
  • Manage budget by Budget Lines and Fiscal Years.
  • Real-time budget information if data is rolled up from the Contracts, Grants, Projects, Assets, and Payroll modules.
  • Manage contracts all the way from solicitations to renewals and closing.
  • Track contracts by different types of milestones.
  • Create and pay invoices as they related to milestones.
  • Copy milestones between contracts.
  • Easily amend and renew contracts.
  • Automatic syncing of contract spending with budgets and grants.
  • Manage grant programs, funding opportunities, grant applications and grants by fiscal year.
  • Manage funding announcements, agency grants including agency grant requests, and project grants.
  • The grants module integrates with the budgeting module to automatically rollup and balance the budget based on cost sharing requirements.
  • Manage projects, assets and contracts as part of the grants.
  • Keep track of project progress, status, budget/grant allocation and spending .
  • Integration with the Project services module to provide a comprehensive resource and project management system.
  • Manage all interactions and activities with prospective and current vendors.
  • View of all projects, contracts, assets, and grants that the vendors are associated with.
  • Manage vendor certifications like MWBE, Veterans, etc.`
  • Integration with the Project services module to provide a comprehensive resource and project management system.
  • Manage all communication with the constituents.
  • Provide a portal for the constituents to request services, provide feedback and complaints.
  • Manage cases related to the constituents.

Our public sector pedigree

  • We are a GSA Schedule 70 holder.
  • We are a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (certified by the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program)
  • We are a certified Minority Owned Business (certified by United States Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce)
  • New York State — Minority Business Enterprise (In Process)
  • New York State — Office of General Services PBITS Lot I and II (In Process)
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